How patients are protected (physically, medically)

We follow all universal safety precautions to protect our patients both physically and medically. A patient safety management committee is in place to monitor this.

All sterile zones with highly sophisticated CSSD

We maintain the highest sterile and clean conditions in our OT’s. We have a weekly terminal disinfections programme and we have a highly sophisticated CSSD.

OT fumigation

Apart from daily disinfections, we have a weekly terminal disinfections programme.

Infection control

Waste management

Secure building access

Security guards in hospital premises and security of patient belongings

Security guards are posted at all strategic locations in the hospital to ensure safety of the hospital's property and assets, the patients and their attendants.

Policy regarding medical record protection. What measures are taken to secure their privacy and information?

Data security and electronic data encryption

Medical ethics

We have a medical ethics committee in the hospital which reviews the quality of patient care, medical practices being followed, patient safety, which fosters ethical medical practices in the hospital.

Code Blue committee

We have a well defined Code Blue protocol for prompt and safe management of patients medical cardio pulmonary resuscitation.


We have the latest equipment in the hospital to ensure the highest standards of patient care and safe delivery of care to our patients. The equipment is periodically checked for its functional and electrical safety.


We have a stringent method of short listing new nurses. All nurses undergo a 2 weeks orientation programme to train them to deliver safe nursing care. The nurses are educated by the Nursing educator, clinical instructors and supervisors. Nursing protocols are well defined and regular audits are conducted on various aspects of patient safety and safe nursing care and corrective action taken. Nursing has a well adhered reporting system to ensure continuous a quality improvement process. A well defined fall prevention policy is in place to protect patients from falls.